Programmatic Native Has Officially Arrived; Sharethrough Refocuses Team To Extend Market Leading Position With Leadership Changes and Three New Teams

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In the two years since we helped ratify programmatic native advertising into the OpenRTB 2.3 spec, it has become a core focus of our business. Programmatic native spend from agency trading desks and DSP buyers is up 10X in 2017, as compared to this same time last year. While half of the gross advertising dollars we see on our platform comes from publishers selling native directly, using Sharethrough as their licensed ad platform, the other half of spend is now programmatic.

Why? Native works. From video performance to offline conversion to CTRs and CPCs, traders and RTB platform partners have found success in using native advertising to drive brand performance and efficiency.

We’re bringing on new partners at a steady rate and will soon have completed programmatic native integrations with almost every major DSP in the industry.

To further fuel this growth, we are reorienting our business around programmatic with three new teams and some leadership changes.

We’re making a large investment in hiring aggressively to grow our programmatic team:

  • We will be hiring a global programmatic sales leader based in our NYC office. New York has grown into a second headquarters for Sharethrough and our advertiser-focused business is now largely centered in New York.
  • We’ve launched a new programmatic business development team to work with DSPs and Agency Trading Desks.
  • We’ve launched a Programmatic Strategist team to help traders and RTB buyers succeed with native.
  • We've launched a Native Strategist team to work with key brand partners.
  • We've expanded our Product team with new programmatic roles and continue to hire in engineering.

Details of these roles are on the Sharethrough Careers page here.

As part of these adjustments, we are amicably parting ways with Mike Gaffney (CRO) and Patrick Keane (President, investor, and former board member), who both helped us get to this next chapter. Our company is about 5X bigger today than when they both started and a lot of that is due to their hard work and dedication to the company.

In the space of a few short years, Sharethrough has gone from being a largely West Coast-based company into one with eight offices across three countries. We saw $140 million in gross native spend through our platform in 2016 and that number will be significantly higher in 2017. As the company credited with driving the mass adoption and standardization of native, it's encouraging to see programmatic native emerge as the most effective digital ad placement.

We’re excited about fortifying and accelerating the recent growth we’ve seen around programmatic. Native has proven to be a better performing ad experience than display and pre-roll as well as a better consumer experience; the marriage of programmatic and native will define the future of Sharethrough and the broader digital advertising landscape